The Alpaca Bean Coffee Company
A Pleasing Taste of the Alpaca Lifestyle

My wife, Judy, and I got into the Alpaca Lifestyle back in 2002 (just in time for our first experience with tax adjustments), on December 30th...bought two alpacas, a female and a male. Now if we were doing the same thing today, we probably would have bought two pregnant females. In our case, that would have been a BIG MISTAKE! It turns out our guy is a maroon beauty and quite a stud muffin! His off spring are also turning out to be I guess I am saying, "You never know!"

After about a year and half, while riding around on my job at The University of Georgia, I had a great idea! As it turns out, when I got home Judy had come up with the same idea...start a coffee company called, The Alpaca Bean!!! Talk about spooky! Well, we decided to move ahead with the idea and to make sure we had a good roaster so that the coffees we chose would always be top notch..we chose Jittery Joes Roasting Company for a number of reasons (will cover them at a later time).

We then conducted a very indepth taste testing with testers from all over the U.S., Canada, and one Aussie! From this we narrowed the roasts and blends to a small number utilizing coffees imported from Peru and Bolivia. We specified that the coffee had to be free trade coffees, and naturally grown. With all the bases covered we held our first demo booth at the Palmetto Classic Alpaca Show in Clemson, S.C. What a Hit!!!

For those of you that are old enough to have been kids when The Mickey Mouse Club
was the rage, well we started our coffee company mainly because, like Mickey, we like you! Seriously, we enjoy the opportunity to just chat about stuff we like...and we happen to like alpacas, and coffee! We also like combining the two whenever we The Alpaca Bean Coffee Company was born to make this possible.

We hope you enjoy our coffee and the conversations you have while sipping on a cup or mug of this special brew. Which is now roasted right here on the farm by well trained roasters...yep, Judy and I look forward to roasting your next bag of your new favorite coffee, The Alpaca Bean!!!